Cowboy Bebop Live Action

Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Release Date and All Latest Update: Released in 1998, Cowboy Bepop is one of the most loved anime series. A team of bounty hunters who are rather misfits, travel the galaxy to find their another big score but end up rather thanking that they are alive. There has been an uproar in the anime-lovers after Netflix announced the release of its remake series, Cowboy Bebop Live Action. Although there is too much excitement amongst the audience, there is one question that is prevailing amongst everyone, will the remake do justice with the original characters?

What can we expect from the Live-Action?

The news of it being revived has created a buzz amongst the audience already. But, will these series be as good as the original Cowboy Bebop released in 1998? Although one of the writers of the new series, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, has accepted that it is very important to keep the essence of original anime alive, we can expect some changes in the characters.

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One of the major changes that we expect is the change in the character, Faye Valentine. In the new series of Cowboy Bepop, Daniella Pineda will be playing the role of Faye Valentine. Daniella Pineda is known for her role in Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Faye Valentine is the main lead of Cowboy Bepop, who is a bounty hunter who is just woken from her Cyro-Sleep. The major changes that we can expect are from the character of Faye Valentine’s. Originally, the character wears shorts, stockings, and red jackets, which seems quite awkward in real life. There will be a change in the appearance of the character in the new series.

The change is somehow good for the character. Faye is portrayed as a sexualized character in the original series. This change is necessary to make the viewer realize that Faye is much more than that. The Coyboy Bepop Live-Action’s episodes will be around an hour-long. Unlike the traditional anime series who have half an hour-long episodes.
Also, the series will focus mainly on the most beloved character of Cowboy Bepop, Faye Valentine. The audience will get a deeper insight into the character. No confirmed release date has been announced by Netflix so far. But, we can expect the series to release in somewhere 2021.

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The cast of Cowboy Bepop: Live-Action:

  • John Cho (as Spike Spiegel),
  • Alex Hassell (as Vicious),
  • Daniella Pineda (as Faye Valentine),
  • Elena Satine (as Julia),
  • Mustafa Shakir (as Jet Black)