Crazy Rich Asians Season 2

Crazy Rich Asians

The first movie is called “Crazy Rich Asians” and it was released in 2018. Jon M. Chu is the director of this romantic comedy film. The movie is based on the screenplay which is written by Peter Chiarelli and Adele Kim. The screenplay in turn is inspired by the 2013 novel. The name of the novel is the same as that of the film and the novel is written by Kevin Kwan. The film is about a professor who goes to meet her boyfriend’s family. But she eventually finds out that her lover’s family is among the richest people in Singapore.

The announcement for this film took place in the month of August in 2013, just after the rights of the books were sold. The movie was well-received as a whole but it also had to face a bit of criticism over the choice of casting. However, the movie managed to gross over $238 million with only a budget of $30 million. Crazy Rich Asians are the highest-grossing film of that decade. Fans of the movie are already hoping for a sequel.

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What about the second installment?

The good news is that the second movie is in development but there is no official release date for the movie for now. The director’s busy schedule will be a factor to be considered. Going by John M. Chu’s busy schedule, the movie might not be released for a long time. The lead of Crazy Rich Asians has said that she does not know anything about the production of the sequel.

But she has also confirmed that the director is eager to film the second part but the is busy with his other projects for the time being. To be more specific John M. Chu is going to be busy with “In The Heights”. That will be released in 2020 so most probably the sequel for Crazy Rich Asians won’t happen till next year.

What will be the story?

The second film will be based on the best selling novels just like the first one is. In the second novel, the lead character is reunited with her father. She goes on to discover the life of Chinese billionaires.