Cursed Season 1

Cursed is an American fantasy drama that is based on the book called “Cursed” by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. They are also the executive producers of the show as well as the writers. The show will deal with the fantasy realm and it will reach our screen really soon. The first season will have ten episodes. Everyone is looking forward to the series as the poster released by Netflix went trending after just one hour.

What is the plot?

The story’s main characters are Nimue and Arthur. The series is told from the perspective of Nimue. She is a young heroine who has a mysterious gift. Her destiny is to become the powerful yet tragic Lady of the Lake. A young mercenary called Arthur becomes her partner. They are on a quest to find Merlin the Wizard to deliver a sword.

Is there a trailer?

There is a trailer. Netflix has released a trailer on 18th June. In the trailer, it is seen that a young girl Nimue has a mysterious gift. She is guided by her dying mother and is instructed to deliver a sword to Merlin. In her journey, she encounters Arthur, a charming yet unexpected partner. Later in the trailer, the audience is given the possibility that the Ancient Sword might choose a queen rather than a king.

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When will we get to see it?

The series will reach our screens just after a couple of days, the 17th of July to be precise.
List of episodes to come
The series will have 10 episodes in total. The episode names are as follows
EPISODE 1: “Alone”
EPISODE 2: “Bring Us In Good Ale”r
EPISODE 3: “Cursed”
EPISODE 4: “Festa and More”
EPISODE 5: “Nimue”
EPISODE 6: “Poisons”
EPISODE 7: “Queen of the Fey”
EPISODE 8: “The Joining”
EPISODE 9: “The Red Lake”
EPISODE 10: “The Sacrifice”

Production Status

The production work started in January 2019 and was completed in March of last year. Fortunately, the filming also got completed before the pandemic could interfere and everything is set of the upcoming release.

The cast

The cast for Cursed will have
Devon Terrell as Arthur
GustafSkarsgård as Merlin
Sebastian Armesto as King Uther
Shalom Brune-Franklin as Sister Igraine
Peter Mullan as Father Carden
Matt Stokoe as Gawain the Green Knight