DanMachi Season 3

DanMachi to release around the world.

Since DanMachi first appeared in 2015 was a favorite for the supporters. The second season of DanMachi debuted on Crunchyroll nearly a year ago. And it’s time for a third one. Here is a breakdown for DanMachi season 3 episode 2 release date and time for fans worldwide.

DanMachi Season 3: Premiere

For premium users, Season 3 Episode 2 will be released on Friday, October 9. And Friday, October 16 for free users on Crunchyroll in a Dungeon season 3.

DanMachi Season 3: Plot

The only power to fight and to defeat monsters is what the gods could offer on their earthly state. The people who receive the gift are a family and have a direct relationship with a god. Bell is the main character of the Hestia family, where Hestia is the goddess. One day in a dungeon, Bell is nearly killed by an “Aiz Wallenstein” and a girl who saves his life. He wants to know if she has a partner but quickly realizes that she has no other partner. The odds of him being one are almost zero. However, he has a new ability, thanks to his feelings of love, to gain unreal experiences.

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Season 2 (is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? II) also airs in 2019, four years later, which means that it is aired this year in summer. From then on his journey to becomes the best adventurer in town starts. They also show a preview film in which a high-level goddess is looking for a champion against the threat. In place of the legendary sword princess (Ais Wallach) or the strongest man ever to go into the Dungeon (Ottar), Bell.  Bell’s always a newbie and a low-level family.

This anime is intended to build a new world. It develops character just like any other anime in a world of fantasy. Now as the guild member and with a formidable party, Bell continues to improve himself.