danmachi season 4

In this article, we will be talking about the TV anime release “DanMachi.” This anime explores the classic tropes associated with the flip film. It is related to animation in the east. The series has a lot of fans from the first season. Also, DanMachi is a fantastic anime series. The audience loves all three. season and now waiting for season 4. We have brought you all the news regarding the release of this anime so stay tuned and read on!

This anime story takes place in Orario, a fictional city. Both gods and humans coexist in this city. Now the series revolves around Bell Cranel. When the series started, Bell was the only member of the Hestia Familia in existence. It was named after the Greek god of the same name. As the series progresses, Bell appears as an adventurer, and others join the group. DanMachi contains harem elements. DanMachi was originally released on April 4, 2015. Since then, the show sequence has been huge. As their third season ends, fans are wondering when the fourth season will come. Here we have to tell you everything we know so far about the release of DanMachi Season 4!

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DanMachi Season 4: Release Date:

The third season of DanMachi was previously released on October 3 this year. The third season has a total of 12 episodes that will air until December 19, 2020. However, there was no update from the producers regarding the release of Season 4.
Given the popularity of the series, it is likely that the anime will be updating soon. There is a three-year gap between the second and first season. At the same time, the third season appeared a few months after the second season. So when the fourth season receives a signal, it will come out in the fall of next year.

What will happen in the fourth season of DanMachi?

In season three we see Xenos being summoned to attack the inhabitants of Orario. Hermes wanted Bell to take this opportunity to regain his reputation as an adventurer. The intense battle began. Bell explained that he didn’t want to kill his enemy. Once Hestia understood Hermes’ intentions with the others, they helped Bell. Bell reconnected his friendship with Ais and wanted to continue his studies.
The DanMachi anime was adapted from a series of light novels of the same name. Fujino Omori is writing this novel. SuzuhitoYasuda illustrates his story. The ending story of the third season comes from the final chapter of the eleventh volume of DanMachi’s light novel.
In short, the fourth season may be inspired by the twelfth volume of the novel. Bell training can be continued with Ais. and continued his general advancement as an adventurer. He can also face new challenges and monsters. He also tends to form new alliances.