Dark Desire Season 2

Argos Communication has produced a Mexican thriller series called “Dark Desire”. The series has made its debut on Netflix. Production had started on 6th May 2019, it made its premiere on 15th July of this year. Dark Desire is created by Leticia Lopez Margalli and she was also on the writing team along with Nayura Aragon and Gennys Perez. Epigmenio Ibarra and Kenya Marquez have directed the show. Season 1 consisted of 18 episodes. Dark Desire or as it is known in Spanish, Oscuro Deseo is a steamy show that has caught viewers’ attention and they are already eager for another installment.

The show had made it’s debut between the shows You and 365 Days and fans had binged the show all at one time. But this obsession can be easily explained by the main character’s steamy affair and all the drama that results because of it.

What’s the story?

The show follows Alma, a law school professor, who is married to a judge named Leonardo. He has a lot of things that he wants to remain undisclosed. They are the parents of Zoe. In this scenario, the show introduces Dario and a police officer named Esteban. Dark Desire has gathered quite a fan following and has earned a spot on Netflix’s Top Ten chart. Season 1 has answered a lot of questions. The death of Alma’s best friend and Dario’s survival from the fire is explained in the finale.

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What about season 2?

There’s no news yet. The series has just made its debut,  and it is a bit impractical to expect a second season yet. But if we are to judge by the cliffhanger at the end of the first season,  the writers have a lot more stories to tell.  Even though season 2 has not been renewed yet, there is no reason to lose hope. Furthermore,  the show is popular enough to guarantee that people would be ready to start watching the second season when it comes out.

Due to the pandemic, we expect that the series will not be able to return this year.  Fans would have to wait until the next year.