date a live season 4

Koshi Tachibana has written a light novel series called “Date A Live”. Tsunako has illustrated the series. Since 2013, this popular novel series has been subjected to many anime adaptations. Date A  Live falls into the genre of sci-fi romantic comedy. The very first season of Date A Live came out on 6th April 2013. The anime was a favorite among the manga lovers and even the newcomers. So it was not a surprise when the show got renewed. The second season came out on 12th April 2014 and the second season was followed by the third installment in 2019. And now, the devoted fans are looking forward to the fourth season. Read on if you are curious about season 4 of Date A Live.

When will the fourth season be released?

The third season of Date A Live premiered on 11th January 2019 and the fans had to wait a very long time for the third installment. The last episode of season 3 came out on 29th March 2019. Even though it has not been a long wait since then, the fans are already eager for season 4. But there is no official news about season 4 yet.

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But Date A Live does not lack material for adaptation. The light novel series is available so the show is expected to have a renewal. If we had to guess, we would say that season 4 will come out in the next year or the year after that.

The non-Japanese fans might be dependant on the English version of the show. There is no reason to worry because Date A Live is available in the English language which can be accessible on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Amazon.

What is the show about?

The show is primarily about dating and that makes for an interesting watch. The show focuses on Shidou Itsuka, who is a high school student. Because of some circumstances, Shidou has the responsibility of making a Spirit fall in love with him to make sure the Earth is safe.