Dave season 2

Lil Dicky and Jeff Schaffer have created an American series called “Dave”. This show was first premiered on FXX. Lil Dicky happens to play the role of the main character in the show. The production team includes Chris Smirnoff, Melanie Elin, and Corey. Brian Lannin is responsible for the cinematography of “Dave”. We have only one season till now with 10 episodes. Each episode spans for about 24 minutes to half an hour. This show has generated favorable reviews from critics as well as the general audience. The show has been awarded a score of 64 out of 100 in Metacritics. “Dave” has a rating of 72% in Rotten Tomatoes, which indicates significant approval from the viewers. People who are already fans of the rapper Lil Dicky will absolutely enjoy the show. Though some people may find the plot a bit superficial and the sense of humor a tad juvenile. The first half of season one had a bit of negative attention but things picked up from the second half of the season. The second half had generally positive reviews. The show did a great job in character development and expanded the sense of humor too.

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What is the show about?

The “Dave” show features a 20-year-old neurotic man who has himself convinced that he is going to be the greatest rapper of all time. Even though he may be utterly confident about his destiny he cannot succeed without help from his friends. His friends are a bit reluctant to bet on his talent or his dreams but they still agree to help him get a spot in the music industry. The show follows Dave as he goes through the turbulent start of his career and the season one ends with him getting invited on a radio show to showcase his rapping talents. After taking with GaTa, Dave realizes that his song might give out the wrong message and so he decides to do a freestyle rap instead. But even so, he ends up impressing the hosts with his clever lyrics and confident style.

When will we get to see season 2?

The show will definitely get another season owing to the popularity of the series. The upcoming installment will be released sometime in the next year.