my next guest needs no introduction

An American web television talk show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” was hosted by David Letterman that premiered on January 12, 2018, on Netflix. The show comprises of meetings with one Guest per episode both inside and outside a studio location.

Positive reviews have been received by the show with its format, choice of Guests, Letterman’s hosting, and insightful conversations receiving praise. The show “ My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” has been selected for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Hosted Nonfiction Series or Special twice. The genre of the series includes Talk shows, TV-Variety & Talk Shows, Political TV Shows, and US TV Shows. It is directed by Mark A. Ritchie, Michael Bonfiglio, and Michael Steed. Till now, it has a total of 3 Seasons with 12 episodes and three special episodes. The running time of each episode is 44-58 minutes.

When will the show be released for its season 3?

Netflix announced that David Letterman’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” will be back for season 3 on October 21, 2020.

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Who will be the guests for season 3?

The Comedian David Letterman interviews people which he finds Fascinating. Robert Downey Jr., Dave Chappelle, Kim Kardashian, and Lizzo were the guests set for the new season. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the premiere date for the current season was pushed back. Malala Yousafzai, President Barack Obama, Tina Fey, Tiffany Haddish, Howard Stern, and Kanye West were the guests for Season 1 and Season2, who discussed his mental health struggles and invited Letterman into his home to try on Clothes.

Let’s have a look over the major Casts:

• Kanye West
• Ellen DeGeneres
• Lewis Hamilton
• Melinda Gates
• David Letterman
• President Barack Obama
• George Clooney
• Malala Yousafzai
• Jay-Z
• Tina Fey
• Howard Stern
• Jerry Seinfeld

Season 1 and Season 2 both featured six episodes each. And the upcoming season will feature four episodes. At once all the four episodes will be available to watch.The filming location of the show takes place in City College of New York City, New York City, New York, USA, and Manhattan. Netflix had quite a few talks shows in the recent past, Letterman’s is one of few to still be standing. The most recent cancellation was “ Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” in August.

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The show is considered to be Witty and Intimate.