Is America really “post-racial”? The American comedy-drama, Dear White People, doesn’t think so! It is a television series that is aired on Netflix and is centered around the concept of racial relations. The television series is based on the movie with the same name. He is also the writer and director of the series. The first season of the series was released on 28th April 2017. It had 10 episodes; each episode had a running time of 30 minutes. The series boasts of critical acclaim. It balances social commentary perfectly with humor. But it gave rise to some controversy as well. Some people thought that it was racist towards white people.


The series shows a group of black students attending a fictional Ivy League University. There is racial tension just below the surface. Sam White, who is one of the important characters, is the leader of the Black Student Union. He is also the host of an outspoken radio show called Dear White People. The show successfully explores the different perspectives of black students on a mostly white campus. Fans would know that season 3 ended in sort of a cliffhanger, so there is considerable excitement for Season 4. The final season may investigate the Order of X. This is a unique series that tackles a serious issue with humor and parodies.

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Is there a Trailer?

There is no official trailer yet. But there is a short clip. Netflix has released the clip showing some of the cast.

When will it release?

There is no certainty about the release date as there is no official news. Fans are hoping that Netflix will release the new season around winter this year.

Who will be in it?

The main cast is likely to come back. The cast contains
• Logan Browning as Samantha White
• Brandon. P. Bell as Troy Fairbanks
• Antionette Robertson as Colandrea “Coco” Conners
• DeRon Horton as Lionel Higgins
• Ashley Blaine Featherson as Joelle Brooks.