Death in Paradise

The series was extended for two more cycles – seasons 11 and 12 – on British television. It is unclear whether Ovation will continue to broadcast the series. Ben Miller, Sarah Martins, Danny John-Jules, Gary Carr, Don Warrington and Elizabeth Burgin star in the TV series that follows Richard Poole (Miller), a British detective who later plays Caribbean Island Police Officer goes there to investigate a murder.

BBC One reveals more about the renewal of death in heaven in a press release

The feat became even more remarkable when series 10 was literally shot through the pandemic. Production was put on hold. and sped up to three months to ensure viewers can enjoy a new series in their regular January slot.

In series 11 and 12, which celebrate their second decade of production, regular cast and new faces will appear on St. Petersburg. Mary’s, immersed into a world of mysterious murders and enigmatic puzzles that make Death In Paradise’s reputation as a shining example of one of those Crime dramas deserve.

Executive producer Tim Key will distance viewers from the win he has won on the big screen for a decade: “We are very proud of the Ten series and look forward to returning to St. Mary’s to continue the story.” Our great cast and crew are playing differently this year and we can’t wait to come back – we have big plans for the future, with lots of surprises ahead of us. “”

This is a testament to the talent of the cast and the production and loyalty of our extraordinary audience that we are aiming for. The 10 series remain a place one of the most popular British television dramas. “”

Death In Paradise is licensed in more than 230 regions and has proven to be very successful around the world. These are often the best dramas on their respective channels in each region. In the UK, Death In Paradise is still very popular. Nine series with an average viewership of over eight million and each episode was the most watched program of the day.

BBC Editor-in-Chief Tommy Bulfin said, “We are very proud of Death in Paradise and know how popular it has become with viewers. It offers a much-needed escape, as well as a thrill and a very satisfying storyline.” We hope the audience can enjoy the tenth anniversary of the series and look forward to something with series 11 and 12.

Death In Paradise is a production of Red Planet Images for BBC One, produced with support from the Guadeloupe region and distributed internationally by BBC Studios. “”