death in paradise season 11

Robert Thorogood has created this amazing crime drama called “Death in Paradise”. This series was a joint effort of the UK and French production companies. It is called “Meurtres au Paradis” in French and the filming of the series has also taken place at Guadeloupe, a French Caribbean Island. Death in Paradise is very popular amongst audiences and the show has been renewed a lot of times. It has 9 seasons until now. The eighth season aired in 2019 and planning for the ninth and tenth seasons has been going on since then. Even though the show wasn’t that popular at first, with its first Season not having that many viewers, the show grew in popularity with the later episodes. The series doesn’t have all good reviews from the critics and its formulaic structure is a significant disadvantage. Seasons 3 and 4 invited praise for the great performances and the setting.

What is the plot?

Richard Poole, a British detective, is given the job of investigating a murder. A police officer has been killed on the imaginary island of Saint Marie. He manages to identify the murders but he is ordered to take the victim’s place and assume the role of head detective inspector of the island.
In Season 3, Richard is murdered and a London detective named Humphrey Goodman is charged with the responsibility of the investigation. Three seasons later, we see him resign and Jack Mooney takes his place. Later on, he realizes that the job was just a way for him to avoid reality after the death of his wife. He decides to return to London. Neville Parker takes his place but he isn’t fond of the island too much. By the end of season 9, Neville learns to adjust to the island.

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What about season 10?

Season 10 will probably be focused on Neville and the audience will get to know him better. But rumors say that the next season will also feature some familiar faces. While there is a delay due to the pandemic, filming for season 10 has resumed. A little clip has also been released to assure fans of the return. If the filming had gone according to the schedule, fans may have expected the series to return by January of 2021. But due to the delay, we are not sure about the release date as of now.