death note season 2

TsugumiOhba has written a manga series called “Death Note” and Takeshi Obata has illustrated it. The manga got popular enough to deserve an anime adaptation and the anime was aired on 3rd October in Japan. Madhouse, a Japanese animation studio, has developed the series. Tetsuro Araki has directed the show.

The production team includes Toshio Nakatani, Manabu Tamura, and Masao Maruyama. The series has a total of 37 episodes and each episode has a span of about twenty minutes. The first season ended on 27th June 2007.

What is the plot?

The show features ShinagamiRyuk, the God of Death. The protagonist of the show is a bored but brilliant genius named Light Yagami. He finds the Death Note. Death Note is aa serious as it sounds because it can kill people of the user who knows the name and the face of the victim. Light is terrified of the Note at first but later begins to consider the range of powers. Any power can be used for good and Light sets out to use the Death Note to purge the country from criminals.

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This is when Light gets to meet Ryuk, who was responsible for the dropping of Death Note. He happens to be amused and interested in Light’s actions. The media begins to wonder at the mysterious ends of Japan’s criminals and come to the conclusion that a single mastermind is behind all the events. The media names this person “Kira” who is both feared and loved by the general public.

The series is immensely popular and people expect a season to come soon.

Will there be another season?

Season 1 tied up its events through the demise of Light. So it is unlikely for Death Note to have another season. But it is not possible for the creators to continue with the same storyline for obvious reasons. Perhaps Detective L might take up Light’s work and that plot can be explored in the new season. There is no definite news about the next season yet. The show is also available in English dubs so the fans can keep watching season 1 while waiting for some good news.