death parade season 2

It has been more than five years since the Parade of Death introduced us to a game in the afterlife.
The anime series was released by Madhouse in 2015 and was an unexpected hit among anime fans.
Death Parade became so popular that Madhouse faced a lot of pressure from fans wanting season 2. Even though they are known for making the season anime series, the studio succumbed to fan requests and promised that season 2 would come. What happened to the promised next season? Has he come? Come on, find out.

Will “Death Parade” Season 2 come out? When?

There have actually been no developments for the second season of Death Parade lately and the release date is still unknown. Madhouse, while positive, hasn’t announced that they will be canceling the popular anime series so fans can keep their hopes Seaso. This anime series has 12 episodes which air from January to March 2015.

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It’s no surprise to others that the Death Parade was a huge success as Madhouse is very well known for creating great anime hits like Death Note, One Punch Man, Hunter x Hunter, and others.
Due to the popularity of the Death Parade, Madhouse announced a second season in 2016. Season 2 is developing and there are many theories as to why Season 2 has not been released yet.
On the one hand, Madhouse can overcome the lack of content for season 2. Various other anime procession which are always founded on novels and manga, Death Parade is merely founded on a quick film generated by Tachikawa.

If they made the next season, they would have to create a completely new storyline which would coincide with the end of the first season as no up-to-date source material was available.

Possible plot of “Death Parade” Season 2

To give you some better context, let’s go back to the events of season one.
This series inaugurates us to a complicated immortality, where civilization are sent to one of the several mysterious benches after their casualty.
The bar is run by bartenders who act as referees.
They force the dead to take part in a death game to decide whether to be reborn or sent into the void.

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The story revolves around Decimus, a bartender and referee from Quindesim. Decim begins to develop human emotions after meeting a black haired woman named Chiyuki. After a series of events, Decim decided to incarnate in Chiyuki. The two finally leave while Chiyuki lives a new life while Dekim stays at the bar, ready to welcome a new soul.

While plot details for Season 2 remain unknown, Madhouse can always explore Decim’s story to develop more of his character. Also, it is fascinating to see how Decim’s manner as an umpire will alter after the subjective conference with Chiyuki. He also had the option of sending Chiyuki back to the afterlife after the death of his new incarnation. When that happens, will he recognize Decimus?