Deltarune Chapter 2

Released in February 2019, Deltarune is an RPG video game. Toby Fox is the creator of the game. The player gets to control, Kris, a human trapped in the world of monsters.

Deltarune Chapter 2
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The game starts with a very unusual note, where the player gets to choose a character. On picking the character, the system rejects the choice, saying that no one can decide what they wish to be.

The player gets to play as Kris. He lives in a village that is mostly inhabited by monsters.

Kris’ adoptive mother is a monster too. Kris and his classmate get pulled in a dark world where they get to meet the prince of the dark world. The prince tells them that they are the heroes, who will close the Dark Fountain to restore balance to that world. The King of the Dark World has control over the Dark Fountain and wants to spread the darkness all around the world.

The first chapter of the game came out on October 31, 2018, free for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

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Later in 2019, the game came out for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.


With a top-down perspective, Delaturme is an RPG game.

The game contains puzzles, and the player has to solve to move forward in the game. During the combat, the players have to wait for their turn for the move. The players can select special attacks and spells after each round of the attack.

If the player avoids the attack, it increases tension points (TP), which in turn increases the spell power.

The main motto of the game is to avoid attacking the monsters. But, Susie will initially attack the monsters. So it is also the player’s job to warn the monsters about Susie.

Deltarune Chapter 2 updates

The game received many positive remarks from the critics. After being available of every gaming console present today, the players are waiting for the second chapter to be released soon.

There is no confirmation as of now on the date of the release. But, looking at the gossips and leaks, we can be sure of chapter 2 to release somewhere in 2021.