Detective Pikachu 2

After the Pokemon series gained cult popularity, the creators decided to release a movie dedicated to the most beloved pokemon ever, Pikachu. Detective Pikachu gave the audience a completely different insight into the life of Pikachu. 

Detective Pikachu 2
Source: Looper

Detective Pikachu is a mystery-comedy movie released in 2019. Rob Letterman is the director of the movie. Apart from the Pokemon franchise, the movie is also a slack adaption of the videogame Detective Pikachu released in 2016. 

The movie hit the cinemas on May 10, 2019. Issued by Warner Bros, the movie grossed over $433 million. 

The plot of Detective Pikachu:

The story revolves around Tim Goodman. Tim is a 21-years old insurance adjuster who gave up his dream of becoming a Pokemon trainer.

After the death of his mother, he decides to quit his dream of becoming a trainer. After a while, he gets a call by the police of Ryme City, telling him that his father, Harry Goodman died in a car accident. 

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He moves to Ryme City, where he meets Pikachu, whom he can hear speaking but others cannot. 

Tim, in his father’s office, releases a gas called “R gas” and somehow infects the Aipoms, and gets attacked by them as they become rabid under the influence of the gas.

Discovering the gas from the office of Harry makes Tim suspicious of his death.

Later, Pikachu and Tim team up to solve the mystery of the death of Harry and also the gas found in his office.

Detective Pikachu 2:

The creators announced the sequel of the movie, even before the release of the first part in 2019.

We can expect the movie to release somewhere in 2021. The news is that Ryan Reynolds will be back, not only as of the voice and expression of Pikachu but also as Harry Goodman.

Detective Pikachu 2 Cast:

  • Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu
  • Justice Smith as Tim Goodman
  • Max Fincham as Young Tim Goodman.
  • Kathryn Newton as Lucy Stevens
  • Suki Waterhouse as Ms. Norman/Ditto
  • Omar Chaparro as Sebastian
  • Chris Geere as Roger Clifford
  • Rita Ora as Dr. Ann Laurent
  • Karan Soni as Jack
  • Josette Simon as “Grams”
  • Ken Watanabe as Detective Hideo Yoshida
  • Bill Nighy as Howard Clifford
  • Rina Hoshino and Kotaro Watanabe as Mewtwo
  • Rachael Lillis as Jigglypuff