detective pikachu part 2

Detective Pikachu About

It is hard to adapt video games to movies. Many such video game movies have been produced but they have all flopped. Some examples are Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed. But Detective Pikachu is not among them. The first film came out in 2019. It is a mystery film which is based on the Pokemon franchise.

The movie is an adaptation of the video game which has the same name. Rob Letterman has directed the film. The story of the film is about Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu trying to get to the end of the mysterious disappearance of Tim’s father, who is named Harry. This film is a huge success and it has made about $433 million at the box office. The great success of the movie is good for setting the stage for the sequel. But the studio has not been sharing any news for the release date of the sequel of Detective Pikachu. Even the cast is impatient with waiting for so long.

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The much-loved Pikachu was voiced by Ryan Reynolds. He did a great job in giving character to the coffee addicted Pokemon. But compared to the other cast members, Justin Smith got the most screen time. Smith has been responsible for playing the role of Tim in the movie. The actor was asked to comment on part 2 of Detective Pikachu, but unfortunately, the actor had no news worth repeating. He knows nothing about the sequel. So, the actor seems to be on the same boat as the fans, hoping for news about the release date of the sequel. But the actor has not been idle. He is recently promoting his new movie called “All The Bright Places”.

What is known?

The studio has hired Oren Uziel as the scriptwriter for Detective Pikachu 2. So, there will definitely be a sequel. It is just that there is o news about the release date yet. He is a famous name as he has worked on great projects like “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “ Men in Black”. The studio surely will have a hit with such a good choice for a writer. We can probably expect the film next year or late 2020 if we are lucky.