Netflix has begun to enter the video game market and new exciting original videos are in development. One of the most exciting new releases to look forward to is the release of the horror series Detention, which hit Netflix in December 2020.
Detention (Chinese: 返校; pinyin: Fǎnxiào) is a Taiwanese television show about a supernatural horror drama. That is based on the video game of the same name, developed by Red Candle Games. In partnership with Public Television Service Netflix. It is anticipated to be published on December 5, 2020.

Plot Of “Detention 2020 Series”

Based on a game of martial law known in Taiwan as white terror. This conclusion ties martial law to the political legends of local gods, opening a maze of unspoken repression.
The series began at Greenwood High School in the 1990s. Student translator Liu Yunxiang (LingWei Lee). Who enters the restricted area of the school grounds and meets the spirit of Rui Xin Fang (Ninghan). Fang fights for freedom during the censorship. And reveals the school’s hidden history over the past 30 years, including how groups of students and teachers have been persecuted.

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Cast Members Of “Detention 2020 Series”

• Ling-Wei Lee as Yunxiang Liu
• Ning Han as Ruixin Fang
• Guang-Zi Huan
• Yao Chun-yao
• David Chao

Release Date of “Detention 2020 Series”

The eight-part series will air on December 5, 2020, at 21:00 US standard time. New episodes appear every Saturday. This episode complements Netflix’s original Chinese collection.
New episodes will be available every Saturday until the final on January 23, 2021. The aftermath of the detention will be televised on public television in Taiwan and then shown on Netflix.

Is Detention related to the 2019 film?

Many fans are wondering if the 2019 film adaptations have anything to do with the upcoming original series. We see on TV that the film adaptation of detention is completely different from the film adaptation. The series uses a completely new line-up and each episode is 60 minutes long. Fans with an 8-hour history are in awe of the story of the detention.

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Can you expect a second offer?

Video game developer Red Candle Games has only recorded one video game. This means that in most cases, all source material will be covered by an 8-hour series. I couldn’t say that I would never have done this if the event had been popular enough. But now he is unlikely to receive a second offer.