Detention The Series

Detention: The Series

The newest addition to the Brand’s Chinese Language Originals Collection, Inspired by the White Terror Taiwan’s PTS Flagship On September 28, Netflix announced the world premieres for Netflix on December 5 alone in Detention:

The Series, a new original Chinese-language series in cooperation with the Taiwan Public Television Service (PTS). Detention: the Series is based on a well-known Taiwanese adventure game that was published by Red Candles Games in 2017. During the White Terror period (1949-1987) in Taiwan, it unites a maze of inviolable oppressions in the suffocation of political situations under martial law and the cardiac legends of local deities.

The arrest came with a dark and desperate ending was a quick, lasting success, with five major 2019 Golden Horse Awards awards including the best-adapted screenplay in the live-action movie.

The premise of the show

Detention: The series begins in the 1990s at Greenwood High School. Yunxiang Liu (played by Lingwei Lee), a student in transfer, accidentally enters the prohibited campus area, where she meets the Ruixin Fang (Ning Han) ghost.

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Fang then reveals the hidden history and trauma of the last 30 years and the persecution of a team of young students and teachers in the censorship struggle for freedom. Their stories continue to come back to school, waiting to be heard and revealed as haunting nightmares.

All the updates of the adaptation!

The 8-part series begins in the 1990s at Greenwood High School. Yunxiang Liu, a transfer student, walks by accident into the forbidden campus area where she meets Ruixin Fang’s (Ning Han’s) ghost. Later in 30 years, Fang exposes a trauma and hidden history involving a group of young students and teachers who were persecuted in the censorship era for freedom.

This series is directed by I-Hsuan Su, Shiang-An Chuang, and I-Ling Lin and produced by Shih-Ken Lin and Yi-Lin Lin. Red Candles and Outland Film Production are also on board. Shih-Ken Lin said: « The arrest: the series is a history of an authoritarian era in Taiwan’s history. With a worldwide service like Netflix in the new age of digital media, we’re excited to be able to tell a unique yet universally resonant story.