Immigration Nation

Even if documentaries aren’t your favorite thing to watch, there are some docuseries that you must not miss. One such show is “Immigration Nation”. Some might say that this is the docuseries to watch out for. The immigration nation will give viewers a chance to know about the mechanisms of immigration enforcement in the USA. The show focuses on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It is interesting to watch the experiences of the immigrants and see the country of America through their perspective, especially after Donald Trump’s election. Here’s what we know about the docuseries-

When will we get to see it?

Well, there is good news for audiences as the Netflix documentary will be available soon. To be more precise, viewers will be able to stream the series on 3rd August on Netflix. The entire number of episodes will be available at one go, so viewers can get ready to binge all of it.

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What is the story?

As mentioned above, the show deals with US immigration and provides a much-needed social and cultural narrative. The first season will have six episodes and it will focus on the work of ICE. It also gives a voice to the immigrants that are part of the system and probes deeply into the immigration system of the USA. The Trump administration has brought on a lot of changes. For one, it has implemented a zero-tolerance policy for family separation. This in turn has resulted in tearing apart of children from their parents. Everyone knows about his plans for building a wall between Mexico and the USA,  it is an expression of his aversion to illegal immigrants. The show is brave enough to expose the inhuman treatment of the immigrant detainees. It portrays lawmakers, ICE agents, activists, and immigrants and how they all fit together.

Who will be a part of the series?

It is a documentary so it will feature ICE staff, immigrants as well as the activists and the lawyers. The series will also include Border Patrol officers. As per reports, it has taken three years to make this docuseries.