Dirty Money is a spectacular Netflix Original series which deals with the serious topics of money laundering, corruption, and creative accounting. If you haven’t watched this series, give it a go. Each episode is about an hour-long, and it explores the topics of corruption thoroughly. Each episode deals with a separate instance of crime. For example, one episode of “Dirty Money” was focused on the emissions scandal of Volkswagen.

Another interesting episode was aimed at Donald Trump, the current president of the United States. He has been termed as “Confidence Man” in that particular episode. If that doesn’t spike your interest, I don’t know what will. The show has only two seasons for now. The first season was released back on 26th January 2018. Each season only has 6 episodes. The second season has been released only a few days back in March, but fans are already asking whether this docuseries will have a third season.

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The show is informative and certainly necessary as there are few other shows which shed light on corporate corruption. For example, the second season of “Dirty Money” investigated the scams of finance company Wells Fargo. Numerous interviews help to clear up the situation and explain how the bankers operating at local branches would open accounts for people without even informing them. The distress this caused was explored efficiently in the show.

That is not the only interesting part of the second season. One episode was also targeted at Jared Kushner. There is even an episode entitled “Slumlord Millionaire”, which depicts how people abuse political power and become corrupt. Overall the show follows a similar pattern and viewers know what type of content to expect if there is a third season in the works.

Third season of “Dirty Money”?

Unfortunately for the fans, the streaming giant Netflix has not said a word about the renewal status of the show.  But the second season was just released so it is a bit early to expect the release date of the third season.