Doctor Who Season 13

Doctor Who is one of the most successful TV series ever made. Doctor Who was first released in 1963 by BBC. Since then, the BBC is releasing every season of this British Science fiction TV series.
The original Doctor Who ran from 1963 to 1989. It was so popular, that it began to gather a cult following from fans. In 1996, an attempt was made to revive the Doctor Who series, but it failed. Later, in 2005, Doctor Who was relaunched. Since then, it is released by BBC only.

Doctor Who Season 13
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Not only this, Doctor Who has appeared in many cameo roles not only in Television series but also in movies and comics series.
Till now, 13 actors have acted as Doctor Who. The transition of the older actor into the new actor is done very beautifully by introducing the concept of regeneration and incarnation. In this, the Doctor transforms into a new body every time his older body is hurt beyond healing.

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Who is “Doctor Who”?

Doctor Who is a Time Lord who is called “The Doctor” in other dimensions. It appears as a human who is an extra-terrestrial being. The Doctor has a space ship called TARDIS which looks like a British Police Car.
The Doctor Who travels to the different galaxies, neutralizing the enemies to civilization.
Season 13:
Since the season 12 was aired in January 2020, the chances of season 13 are very low to be released this year. Although season 13 is confirmed to release.
However, a festive special of Doctor Who is set to be released during the festival season in 2020 itself.

Cast, all the 13 Doctors till now!!

William Hartnell: The first Doctor
Patrick Troughton: The Second Doctor
Jon Pertwee: The Third Doctor
Tom Baker: The Fourth Doctor
Peter Davison: The Fifth Doctor
Colin Baker: The Sixth Doctor
Sylvester McCoy: The Seventh Doctor
Paul McGann: The Eighth Doctor
John Hurt: The War Doctor
Christopher Eccleston: The Ninth Doctor
Christopher Eccleston: The Tenth Doctor
Matt Smith: The Eleventh Doctor
Peter Capaldi: The Twelfth Doctor
Jodie Whittaker: The Thirteenth Doctor, she is the first female actor to play the role of Doctor Who.