Dogs Season 2

Dogs is an American documentary web television series. The show premiered on November 16, 2018, on Netflix. Glen Zipper is the creator of the series. Dogs received immense love from the audience and the critics alike. According to the top critics, ‘Dogs’ is a show depicting the bond between dogs and humans. It scored a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
The first season of the show has six episodes. Each episode is around an hour long. After the conclusion of the first season, the fans anticipated the second season of the show.
In this article, we will discuss the possibilities of the second season of the show. Also, with the recent developments regarding the production of the second season of the show, Dogs.

Dogs Season 2 Premise

According to the critics, ‘Dogs’ is one of the kindest documentaries showing the relationship between ‘the canine’ and humans.  The show features the relationship between dogs and humans, following different countries, different cultures, and different beliefs. The first season of the show has six seasons. Each episode runs for approximately one hour.
In one of the episodes, the show features Corrine, a young American girl with epilepsy. Her family struggles with her problem. Then they apply for a service dog. Corrine’s family receive Rory as their service dog. Rory helps Corrine by detecting the seizure before they occur.

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In another episode, Costa Ricans Álvaro and Lya help the street dogs by providing them with shelter. Together they run an animal shelter organization. The episode also focuses on the problems faced by Álvaro and Lya. They face constant threats from other animal welfare associations. Álvaro and Lya have to save these strays from getting attack from other animals as well.
The show touches the emotional aspect where dogs bond with humans and how they complement each other.

Dogs Season 2

Dogs are one of the best documentaries shows for dog lovers. The show will touch the emotions of the viewers. The good news for the fans is that the creators have renewed the show for the second season. Though the creators did not announce any particular date of the release of season two.
We are expecting the show to come back in 2021.