Dr. Stone Chapter 168

Riichiro Inagaki had written the Japanese manga series Dr. Robot. Boichi had illustrated the manga series. Weekly Shonen Jump serialized the series since March 2017. With all the individual’s chapters collected and published by Shueisha’s into seventeen tankobon volumes as of September 2020.

Genres of the series include Adventure, Science fiction, and post-Apocalyptic.The chapter 168th of the manga was named as “Corn City: Population One Million”.

When will Chapter 168 of Dr. Robot be released?

Dr. Stone Chapter 168 was scheduled to be broadcasted on 4th October 2020. The first time the manga series was published on March 6th, 2017.

Short Synopsis of Dr. Robot

In the contemporary world, every human on the earth was turned into stone after a magical flash of light. This manga explains the story of how some people from the Pre Petrification world try to restore culture in the Petrification Age, the Stone World. One of the main identities’ first innovations undoes the petrification and is called the stone formula.

The manga also includes information on several scientific innovations, listed in Science Stuff bubbles, and elements of scientific procedures.

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Chapter 168 Notes

• Senku and Ryusui join up with the Tsukasa’s group.
o Xeno learns Senku occurred.
o Xeno and Senku chat after thousands of years.
• Max enables Luna’s to departure with Francois and Kaseki.
o Luna and the others join with Senku and Tsukasa’s group.
o The collective groups steal Xeno’s boat.
• The name of the woman on Stanley’s martial unit is named Maya.
• Senku provides Brody and Xeno the components of the revival formula.
o Senku says Brody that their attention align and they could help each other.
o Senku schedules to give Stanley the slip while the alliance organizes Corn City.
o Senku notes that they could revive over a million people, thereby giving the largest number in the Stone World.
o A number of people of the Kingdom of science are assigned with constructing corn city while the gangs of Senku and Tsukasa’s move off to the next location.

The Characters in order of Appearance:

• Ryusui Nanami
• Chrome
• Kinro
• Suika
• Senku Ishigami
• Kohaku
• Dr. Xeno
• Max
• Carlos
• Hyoga
• Magma
• Gen Asagiri
• Luna
• Francois
• Tsukasa Shishio
• Ukyo Saionji
• Nikki Hanada
• Dr. Brody
• Kaseki

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Where to Read All chapters of Dr. Robot?

The official translation with English Versions will be available to watch for free on Viz Shonen Jump and Manga Plus.