Dr. Stone Chapter 175

Chelsea says that when the HELL parachute boat sails, they will collect rubber from trees. He also said that Stan was an old man after him. Also, he said that he would take him directly to the rubber trees near the beach. Luna trembled, insisting that Stan was a dirty man, and said she could catch up. Suika says this will happen if they make the rubber trees too long.

Max whispered to Carlos that Stanley shouldn’t be taken lightly. And Carlos added that people who don’t see him on purpose tend to sharpen Senku. Senku stood in front of them but heard his name. Chelsea points to the world, they are near Panama, and Stan says they can get there by plane. Senku said it was true, and Ryussi knew the recipe for resuscitation fluid, so he added that he would not hesitate to kill him.

Date of publication

Dr. Stone Chapter 175 will be released on Sunday, November 22, 2020. Unfortunately, Dr. Stone’s spoiler has not released yet. Every Sunday Dr. Stone will post unless the weekly schedule changes to Friday. Check out the latest developments below.

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Recap of Chapter 174

Taiju asked Ukyo if there was any faster way to escape the enemy ships. And Ukyo said that none of his radio waves would report his location at that moment. Senku noticed that at this speed it was inevitable. Meanwhile, Stan and the team knew they could catch him quickly. Chelsea and Françoise explain how to avoid pursuing enemies. They broke through the damaged canal and declared that the enemy battleships would be impassable. Ryussi said the problem was resolved and split into a rubber tree team and a Panama Canal team. He explained that the command channel will serve as a decoy and the team cannot agree with that.

Chelsea knows that Japanese flight attendants don’t always agree on everything. Maya and Stan’s team noticed that Senku’s team was heading towards the Panama Canal and was about to flee. Senku and his team collect rubber, and Senku collects juice, natural latex. Gen walks over to Xeno and tells him that she can’t help but get tired. He and Senku are feathered birds that pollute science with lies. Xeno joins Senku to help with long fingers and make great balls. Senku is glad that they were able to improve their knowledge and draw inspiration.

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Where To Watch?

Doctor Stone Manga is available on the official platforms VIZ Media, Manga, and Shueisha. Fresh scans of new chapters are broadcasted 2-3 days earlier than the edition of each chapter. We recommend reading digital copies of the official websites and apps to help manga developers and publishers.