Dr. Stone Chapter 177

With a newly developed motorcycle, Senku’s Crew progressed at full speed based on scientific knowledge. Gen took a motorcycle like Senku and took the entire team to their next destination. Chrome is so excited that he works on Stanley’s team, and Senku asks if he’s breaking Stanley’s network. Kohaku mocks Stanley’s plans, it won’t happen until the team is shocked.

Senku said that abandoning these tactics would ultimately lead to the terrible origins of the Petri Beam. Stanley Henchman began to chase Team Senku when Senku fired several shots. Hyoga uses Xeno as a shield to prevent the enemy from shooting. Ryusui praised Carlos as the last drive and challenged the race. Carlos agreed while accelerating the motorcycle, and Russell did the same and escaped from his pursuers.

Dr. Stone Chapter 177 Release date and summary

Dr. Stone Chapter 177 was released on Sunday, December 6, 2020. Dr. Stone chapter 176 has not yet been published. We will continue to update as soon as they are released. Unless the weekly schedule changes to Friday every Sunday Dr. Stone will be posted. Check out the latest developments below.

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Previously In Chapter 176 of Dr. Stone

It tells Stanley’s crew member’s minions that they will shoot Xeno if they don’t blindly stop shooting. Tsukasa ordered everyone to bow their heads as the enemy is aiming for the head. He then asked Hyogu to use Xeno as a protective shield. Stanley jumped off the cliff and fired an almost explosive shot to the head of Senku’s team. Xeno was not afraid to realize that this is Stan’s best shooter, who will never miss. Stan took aim accurately and struck Hyoga and Tsukasa.

Hyoga hid the armor that Ukyo knew, but Tsukasa had just scratched it. Hyoga’s arm is injured and Kohaku realizes that Stan is trying to beat the best player. Then he realized that if he crashed his motorcycle, Xeno would die too. Stan lit a cigarette and realized that he had fallen into the hands of Hyoga and Tsukasa. He then handed the binoculars to a nearby woman, preparing to aim at the next target. Stan reveals that even if Xeno is in trouble, he will give the signal to open it. Stan asked Charlotte, the woman next to him, to record the Morse code signal Xeno blinks on. Ukyo heard the sound of a powered plane and realized that the enemy was sending it. The crew is worried about how to escape. Ryu Shui’s hands were covered with something, and he was still driving.

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Where To Read??

You can read it on VIZ Media Stone Manga and Shueisha’s Manga Plus Official Platform.