dragon maid season 2

Sometimes, light comedy anime is just what we need. And in today’s harsh reality, Dragon Maid Miss Kobayashi can do just that. This fantasy comedy anime is an adaptation of the manga series of the same title. Coolkyousinnjya writes and illustrates manga. The anime debuted in January 2017 and will air until April of that year. The series has a total of thirteen episodes. Kyoto Animation is also an anime producer. During its appearance, the anime was a hit in the anime community. Both critics and viewers have praised the series for its humor, stories, and animation.

Dragon Maid Season 2: Release Date

Rumors are circulating after season one has finished its cycle. And many fans are starting to question the possibility of a second season. But last year there was finally confirmation about the upcoming season. The Dragon Maid release date for Miss Kobayashi’s season 2 has been officially confirmed for July 2021, the summer anime season 2021.

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Dragon Maid Season 2: Possible Cast

KyoAni hasn’t announced a new season cast yet. However, we are sure the signs will remain the same. Returning to the series, Mutsumi Tamura is shown as the title Kobayashi. Yuuki Kuwahara will also choose Toru. Apart from that, other actors such as Maria Naganava (voice of Kana); Takada Yuki (Elma) also joined the cast. We also hope that Minami Takahashi (Quetzalcoatl) and Daisuke Ono (Fafnir) reprise their roles.

Dragon Maid Season 2: Expected Plot

Information about the property is currently not available. However, we believe this will continue the story from last season. Last season, Kobayashi finally accepted Toru’s wish and let him stay. And in season two we expect more of their relationship. We also hope to see how the introduction of a new dragon affects the story. After all, fans will no doubt be able to prepare for even more joyful and touching moments.

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Dragon Maid Season 2: Storyline

This anime follows Kobayashi, a programmer who one day meets a dragon. A dragon named Toru becomes Kobayashi’s servant and starts living with him. Kobayashi then competed with another dragon named Kana. The behavior of these dragons attracts other mystical creatures and makes Kobayashi’s life difficult. However, he began to see them as a family and protect them.
Anime follows a semi-episodic structure. Each episode features a different dragon maniac. But there is also a comprehensive plot.

Dragon Maid Season 2: Trailer

Sorry, the snippet is currently not available. However, we predict it will drop next year.