Dragon Prince Season 4

Created for Netflix by Aaron Ehraz and Justin Richmond, The Dragon Prince is an American-Canadian animated web series. The series is produced by Wonderstorm and Bradel Entertainment.
The series was first aired on 14th September 2018 and its second season which was released on February 15, 2019. The third season was aired on November 22, 2019. ‘
The first season had a rating of 8.2/10, the second season had 8.57/10 and the third season had a rating of 9/10.
The series is critically acclaimed, especially by the audience who has liked watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and such fantasy-related series.


There was an announcement by Wonderstorm that a videogame based on The Dragon Prince is under development. However, the platform and release dates are yet to be revealed.


The story of The Dragon Prince is set around the fantasy world of Xadia. Xadia is a place that is full of magic and creatures like Dragons and elves used to live there with humans.
Humans desperate of power, start to deteriorate the magic of Xadia by using black magic. As a result, humans were exiled to live in the west all by themselves across the river which split the continent into two parts.
After many years, King of humans, Harrow of Katolis, and his advisor Viren kill the Dragon king along with his heir’s eggs. In retaliation, Assasin elves are sent to kill the human King Harrow and his heir Ezran.
Ezran, however, discovers that the eggs weren’t destroyed and tries to prevent war between humans and the elves.

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Season 4!

Although Netflix has officially announced season 4 of The Dragon Prince, there has been no confirmation on the release date yet. Due to the pandemic, we can expect more delays in the release of the season.


Main Characters

• Callum (Jack DeSena),
• Rayla (Paula Burrows)
• Ezran (Sasha Rojen


• Viren (Jason Simpson)
• Claudia (Racquel Belmonte)
• Soren (Jesse Inocalla)
• King Harrow of Katolis (Luc Roderique)
• Queen Sarai of Katolis (Kazumi Evans)
• Commander Gren (Adrian Petriw)
• Corvus (Omari Newton)
• Ellis (Nahanni Mitchell)
• Queen Aanya (Zelda Ehasz)
• Captain Villads (Peter Kelamis)
• Prince Kasef of Neolandia (Vincent Tong)
• Saleer (Jonathan Holmes)
• Barius (Jason Simpson)
• Crow Master (Cole Howard)
• Ziard (Brian Drummond)


• Aaravos (Erik Todd Dellums), a Startouch Elf
• Runaan (Jonathan Holmes), leader of the Moonshadow
• Ethari (Vincent Gale),
• Lujanne (Ellie King)
• Janai (Rena Anakwe)
• Nyx (Rhona Rees)
• Ibis (Ian James Corlett).
• Lain and Tiadrin (Tyrone Savage and Ely Jackson),