Dragon's Dogma Season 1

Gamers would know about the hack and slash video game called “Dragon’s Dogma”. Capcom has both developed and published the role-playing game for PlayStation 3. It had come out in 2012. Just about a year after that, gamers welcomed an enhanced version called Dark Arisen. Now,  owing to the popularity of the game, it will be converted into an anime named “Dragon’s Dogma”. Shin’ya Sugai will serve as the director and Kurasumi Sunayama is the writer of the anime. Fans of the game as well as anime lovers are eager to see the adaptation of the Capcomvideo game. Till now, there are not many details available, but here’s what we know about it –

When will it be released?

Netflix has already made an official announcement about the matter. It will premiere on Netflix on 17th September 2020. Although much is not known about it,  the season will probably be about Ethan,  who aims to vanquish the Dragon as it has taken his heart. But with every fight, he ends up losing his humanity. A Japanese animation company called Sublimation will produce it. It is quite a famous name in the world of anime as it has previously given us classics like Tokyo Ghoul and even worked on recent stuff such as Weathering With You.

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What is the plot?

Most of the story is quite similar to that video game but, the showrunners have come up with many new characters to be incorporated in the season. The show will be set in the fantasy world where the Dragon hasn’t been attacking anyone for many years. But suddenly it attacks a small village. Ethan,  an inhabitant of that unfortunate village,  tries to protect his family but things don’t go according to his plan. Instead of death,  Ethan gets transformed to Arisen. The show revolves around Arisen as he aims to fulfill the mission of destroying the Dragon. A Pawn which is a creature for hunting the Dragon will be accompanying Arisen.

Among the new additions of the shows is the seven deadly sins. Arisen will cross their paths while continuing the quest of defeating the Dragon.