Majo No Tabitabi Episode 12


Once again, there are amazing episodes with amazing meetings between teachers and interns. This series contains many interesting serial shows. The favorite part of the panel is the past that happened to the teacher. This story ties back to a previous episode in which two great wizards shared their memories of friendship. Finally, as everyone gets back to work, another thrilling journey for Elijah appears in Majo No Tabitabi or Wandering Witch Episode 12. Majo No Tabitabi Episode 11 Mayo is one of the most popular episodes. He shows pure love with unbreakable friendship. Elijah and I are both real friends, sir, Fran is a star witch, and so is Sheila the night witch. The episode reveals one of the show’s biggest secrets. He answered the question. who is Nike In this post, we will discuss Nike’s real identity and the next episode release date?

Majo No Tabitabi Episode 11 Summary

According to Elaina Qunorts, Freedom City is a holy place for all Nike fans. Therefore, he visited and traveled around this city. The episode begins with the revival of Curio 20 years later. As mentioned in Episode 9, the Curio Company is a group of people using artificial magic tools to catch magicians. In the past, Fran (Stardust Witch) and Sheila (Night Witch) have defeated and defeated the Curio Company. But 20 years later, they fled and reunited. To avoid danger, Eilana decided to hide her identity, on the one hand, she sent a mysterious box to the union. However, they were bound by fate, and their bodies changed. It was interesting to see how two young wizard friends, 20 years later, conquered Curio’s company. He saw Nike students catching the same people in the past. At the end of the day, the truth is that Elaine and I show that their teachers are Nike students, and they were the ones who took Curio in the past. It was a good time for Elijah when the teacher got to know the idol. This made him more motivated and now he is determined to continue his adventure.

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Majo No Tabitabi Episode 12 Release Date

Majo No Tabitabi is a weekly animated series. So, the next episode will be released on December 18, 2020. Fans will have to wait another week to get the new version. In the next episode, we will see Elaine’s new adventure.

Where to Stare Majo No Tabitabi Part 12

Fans can watch the Majo No Tabitabi Episode 11 series on the official streaming sites Muse Asia, AnimeLab, and Funimation.