Emily (Lily Collins) doesn’t need to realize for long what she’s doing in Paris. The Netflix show follows a clueless young American woman who walks into a culture she has not tried to acquaint herself with, when she first meets her neighbor downstairs, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), and he says he’s a Norman woman, “Aha, this beach is I know. Saving Private Ryan, right?”. Perhaps check yourself in and flippantly refer to World War 2, where thousands of people have been killed.

Despite Emily’s stupidity, you’ve got to admit that her journey is related to anyone in Europe who studied abroad as young and stupid. Yes. The adult woman from Chicago is supposed to be Emily with a Masters Degree and contempt for a deep-dish by Lou Malnotti. But in 2020, she’s living in Paris with glamour, while the others get Instagram’s facial masks.

This tweet not only describes the watching experience but also accepts that the series is our best way to escape real life by 2020. Emily goes around Paris and goes to the restaurants; has difficult, inadequate interactions with her boss; and banging many mediocre men around the world without any care. Two weeks before she goes for her parents on the weekend or wears a mask, she doesn’t have to quarantine because she makes one of her dozens of awful choices. Emily is free in Paris to become an ignorant American, and that’s sufficient reason to watch this show.

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The real question now is, when is more going to be there?

The second season is not yet confirmed.

As Vulture says, a second season of the show does not really mean that Netflix has a green light. It was developed first for TVLand and then transferred to the Paramount Network. ViacomCBS signed a deal with Netflix to broadcast the show, but the renewal power could lie with ViacomCBS, not Netflix, as Good Housekeeping reports.

Creator Darren Star says he has some ideas, although season 2 was not confirmed.

After all, escapism is the invitation.

Bravo, who tells Cosmo that he is fully aware of the importance of French criticism in his escape. And that might well mean that we’re going to get more of it. It is fairly clear that we will have to be light and fun for a while to distract us. Emily could also hop around Paris!

It will take a while. It will take a while.

In fact, Emily was in Paris, which could mean a delay in filming for a second season, as the pandemic rubbed the works of all literally. Some casts begin filming in small quarantine pots, but time tells whether Collins and co. do the same thing.