Empire Season 7

Lee Daniels and Danny Strong had created a drama series called “Empire”. This show is the product of the joint efforts by Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television. 20th Television has syndicated the show. The setting of “Empire” Is New York City, although fans would know that most of the show has been filmed in Chicago. This show revolves around the hip-hop music company Empire Entertainment and the subsequent family struggles and drama. The pilot of “Empire” was a huge success, with actress Taraji P. Henson stealing the show. The first season of “Empire” made its debut on 7th January 2015. We have six seasons till now with a total of 102 episodes.

The amazing cast is primarily responsible for all the praise that the show has gotten from critics and the general audience alike. Mainly, Howard and Henson are to be noted for their excellent performances. The first season of the show has managed to have an 84% approval rating in Rotten Tomatoes. The show seems to balance out the melodrama with the inclusion of great musical entertainment and complex plots. David Wiegand, a writer of the San Francisco Chronicle, has said that even though the show lacks originality, the audience doesn’t seem to care about a while.

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What about the seventh season?

The last episode of the sixth season was aired in April of this year. The series had only 18 episodes, but originally it was supposed to have more number of episodes. That initial plan could not hold on because of the pandemic. But, unfortunately, the sixth season was also the final season of the series. Taraji confirmed it in her tweet. There will be no season 7, as per reports. The creators have stated that the story might have something more to offer to the fans. Perhaps, season 7 might happen in some way in the distant future.