Equinox 1985

There is a famous Danish podcast called Equinox 1985. The podcast was an instant hit, and it topped the local iTunes charts. These days, adaptations of different types of content are becoming more and more frequent. Surely enough, Netflix has announced that the podcast will be adapted into a new Netflix Original series, also called “Equinox”. The creator of the series will be Tea Lindeburg. Equinox will be executive produced by PivBernth. Her name is quite recognizable and for good reason. She is the famous producer of the Danish television series called “The Killing”. It is said that production will probably start at the end of this year.

What is the story about?

Equinox is a supernatural thriller focusing on one character, named Anna, and the series jumps back and forth from 1999 to the present date. It is set in Denmark. Anna is deeply affected when she witnesses the disappearance of the class of 1999. 10-year-old Anna narrowly avoided danger when the school class of 1999 class is wiped out without any trace. The experience results in terrible visions and Anna cannot escape them. In 2020, Anna is living with her family when the terrible memories come back to haunt her. When a survivor from that incident dies, Anna is motivated to find out what exactly had happened in 1999. Little did she know that the truth will be more unsettling than her imagination.

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When will it be released?

Sadly, no release date has been confirmed yet. But it is surely known that the series will consist of only six episodes and Netflix will launch it worldwide. The audience may as well expect a cliffhanger in each episode. It will be produced by Apple Tree Productions. As of now, everyone waits for the announcement of the official release date.

Where’s the trailer?

Unfortunately, a trailer for Equinox is also not available.

Who is going to be in it?

The main cast for the new series is-
• DanicaCurcic (Anna)
• Viola Martinsen (Anna, 10 years old)
• Hanne Hedelund (mother)
• Lars Brygmann (father)
• Karoline Hamm (Ida)
• Fanny Leander Bornedal (Amelia)
• AlexandreWillaume (Henrik)
The creator, Tea Lindeburg feels lucky to have this team of actors involved with the show.