Netflix’s second Danish original is based on a famous podcast entitled “Equinox 1985”.

“Equinox” was announced in September 2019 and after “Rain” it is the next original Danish version on Netlfix. The show is based on the famous podcast “Equinox 1985”. ITU is a supernatural thriller set in Denmark that moves back and forth between 1999, when it all started, and continues to this day.

Release Date

“Equinox” will be released on December 30 in the US on Netflix


Astrid was only 9 years old in 1999 when one class of graduates disappeared without a trace. Astrid, the sister of one of the missing students, is traumatized and tormented by the terrible vision after her sister’s disappearance. In 2020 Astrid is living peacefully with her family when suddenly a nightmare returns and starts to haunt her. When a 1999 survivor dies under mysterious circumstances, Astrid is determined to find out what happened to her sister and class, and then discover a dark and disturbing truth that involved her in ways she could never have imagined.

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• Danica Kurcic as Astrid
Actor Danica Kurchic will play the older Astrid, who decides to find out what really happened to the missing student and her sister. She has been credited with the role since 2011 and has appeared in many Danish films and TV shows including “Krieger” from 2018 and “The Mist” from 2017. Actress Viola Martinsen played the role of young Astrid on the show.
Other actors in the series are Hane Hedelund as Astrid’s mother, Lars Brigman as Astrid’s father, Caroline Hamm as Ida, Fanny Leander Bornedal as Amelia, Ask Emil Mosberg Truelsen as Falke and Alexander Wyom as Henrik.


This six-part series was established by Tea Lindeburg and administrative maker Piv Bernth of The Killing, The Bridge and Follow The Money. Commenting on the project, Bernt said: “We are very excited about the Equinox podcast, which was made as a TV series. This is a very unique story about the difference between reality and imagination and the relationship between reality and imagination and the relationship between free Will and Fate – all Family. Danish normal. The creative team behind it is very talented and happy to work together. We look forward to bringing this series with Netflix to a global audience. “

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Cults, treasure hunts, or satanic practices? The trailer for “Equinox” leaves room for many theories about students missing since Astrid was 9 years old. Now that she is older and the nightmare is too real to be a dream, Astrid continues a job that many believe has been stopped. Could he really understand what happened to his sister and the others who had disappeared?