on my block season 4

The fourth season of On My Block will air on Netflix after resuming late Friday night, confirming that a fourth season is on its way. Unfortunately, season four looks like the end of the series.

What happens in Freeridge doesn’t stay there. On My Block, season three is out and now fans are going crazy that the crazy rock is over. Even though the fans on this show are always used to the crazy ending, this is probably the craziest ever. Now fans are looking forward to the fourth season of “On My Block” to see what happens to Monce, Cesar, Ruby, Jamal, Jasmine, and Ghost.
So, is season four really happening? And what is it about? All is here that we know so far!!!

“On My Block” Season 4: Is it underway?

Netflix has officially confirmed that On My Block will return for a fourth season. Unfortunately, this will be the last on the show. Streamer announces news with new videos for announcements on his social networks.

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What’s The Fourth Season All About?

There’s no doubt season four will have another big mystery to the show, but there’s still no word on what it will be. However, something big had to happen to get Core More together. With Cesar now in charge of Santos as Lil ‘Spooky, it will certainly be interesting to see what can happen to them and continue to fight for territory in Freeride.

Who Will Be Back For The Fourth Season?

Along with the announcement, Netflix announced that Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, Diego Tinoco, Jessica Marie Garcia, Julio Macias, and Peggy Blow, everyone’s favorite Abuelite, will be back. One thing that is interesting is that Monce is already in boarding school, which means something will have to take him back to Fridge. Meanwhile, Spooky has a new family and appears to be no longer at The Santos, which means he may not be able to return safely. The rest of the crew split up and joined their own group, so who knows who might come back. We hope to see everyone we love very soon.

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When Is The Fourth Season Out?

With the show recently updated, it’s too early to say when exactly it will return. However, due to the late update, we are expecting the expected updates in 2022.