Super Wings Season 3

Super Wings is a South Korean-Sino-American animated series. Co-produced by FunnyFlux Entertainment from South Korea, Alpha Group Co., Ltd. System in South Korea, and extra assistance from KOCCA. The genre of the series comprises of Animated, Children’s, Preschool, Educational, and Adventure. The series was created by Gil Hoon Jung. 12 minutes is the running time of the series.

About the series

The series follows a basic format in which Jet interacts with other super winners at world airports before being asked to ship. Be informed by Jimbo and learn some facts about the location and parts of the local language. With this knowledge, he interacted with the child or children who ordered the package until he encountered a problem. Where he asked for help from one or more Super Wings (some who ordered the package were adults in certain episodes).

Additional assistance will help resolve problems before they depart on the jet. The format remains relevant in season 2, even though the interaction segment has been removed. Jimbo is also out of work at World Airport this season. And, is replaced by his nephew Sky. While on vacation around the world (although he still makes a cameo at Jet delivery stations). The format of assistance has also been changed. As more than one Super Wing usually ends in a jet at the end of the episode.

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The Plotline For Season 3

In season 3, the interaction segment returns, and Jimbo returns as a maintenance engineer. The rest of the format remains the same as in Season 2. Although the helper methods have been changed again. Now Jet gets help from a special team in Super Wings, not a random selection. The number of episodes also dropped from 52 to 40.

Release Date of Season 3

The third season of the series was released on 29th April 2019.

Major Characters In the Series

• Jett voiced by Luca Padovan
• Donnie voiced by Colin Critchley
• Dizzy voiced by Junah Jang
• Jerome voiced by Evan Smolin
• Paul voiced by Gary Littman
• Grand Albert voiced by Bill Raymond
• Mira voiced by Elana Caceres
• Bello voiced by Jason Griffith
• Chase voiced by Will Blagrove
• Astra voiced by Hayley Negrin
• Flip voiced by Jian Harrel
• Jimbo voiced by J.L Mount
• Sky voiced by Madison Kelly
• Roy voiced by Emma Fusco
• Poppa Wheels Voiced by Benjie Randall
• Big Wing voiced by Conor Hall
• Neo voiced by Catie Harvey and many more…