Azizler 2021


Azizler tells the story of how Aziz experiences a life catastrophe after suffering in childhood. Frustrated by work or private life, he was arrested by his sister and family, who had lived with him for a long time. A relationship with a lover in 4 years is not the best place, and I want to end it. For a long time, I could not remember the event, but he was needed because I could quickly get out of the hole in the darkness, where he fell at an unexpected moment. He eventually realized that this made him a compulsive liar who could no longer return.


Aziz is middle-aged and unhappy with what he has. He hates his job and is far from his fantasies more than necessary. After the married brother was isolated, the brother and family lived at home, so it was difficult to find harmony at home. His nephew Kanner is a bad boy and he just tries to relax but turns the house into his nephew’s curse. Aziz admits that his relationship with Burku will end in four years.
The need for isolation and time is increasing. Plus, many men want to be free. He’s stuck in a whirlpool and must make plans to get out of here. He had a hole when he was even more annoyed than before. A man should lie free. This is an open door that Aziz cannot miss. She didn’t need the consequences she went through, but they completely changed her life.

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Significant Crew Members In The Series “Azizler”

What about the Azizler group and the creativity group?
• Chief: Tylan Brothers
• Screenwriter: Berkun Oya
• Organizations: Netflix Original

Azizler Release Date: When Is It Coming Out?

On January 8, 2021, the Azizler contract will become available on Friday (as stated in the Netflix statement). Two other films, Villain’s Light and I carry you with Me, were shown simultaneously.