Monarca Season 1


A Mexican stunning TV series “Monarca” was established and generated by Diego Gutierrez. The film stars Osvaldo Benavidez, Juan Manuel Bernal, Rosa Maria Bianchi, and Irene Azuela. It is about a billionaire tequila mogul and his household in a corrupt and brutal world of the Mexican industry aristocracy. On September 13th, 2019 the series was released on Netflix and renewed for a second season on 24th October 2019, and initially expressed on January 1, 2021.

Cast And Characters Details

• James Hyde as Martin Ross
• Carla Adell as Camila Ross Carranza
• Regina Pavón as Lourdes Carranza
• Dalí Jr González as Pablo Carranza
• Alejandro de Hoyos as Rodrigo Carranza
• José Manuel Rincón as Gonzalo Carranza
• Daniela Schmidt as Pilar Ortega
• Gabriela de la Garza as Jimena
• Irene Azuela as Ana María Dávila
• Osvaldo Benavides as Andrés Dávila
• Juan Manuel Bernal as Joaquin Dávila
• Rosa María Bianchi as Cecilia Dávila
• Antonio de la Vega as Bernardo
• Luis Rábago as Agustín Carranza
• Sophie Gómez as Amelia

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About Monarca

Monarch presents a Mexican melodrama preparing for a dangerous conspiracy on Netflix. This story is about a family from the kingdom of tequila with an income of about $ 1 million. Their tequila brand is Monarca. Especially in Mexico, the story begins in Los Angeles, where Anna Maria Caranza (Irene Azuela) lived for 20 years. Phone calls. Anna Maria’s father asked her to return to Monarca. Then the reason why he left Mexico was slowly revealed. When he returned, he saw a large green field of blue agave growing around his farm. It’s so cool. His father wanted to help him run many of the family businesses. The family also owns hotels and construction companies. The trick is to get the father to go forward, be honest, and try to keep the law. Corruption, drug cartels, widespread greed, and government privileges are not an easy task in Mexico.

Rumour About Monarca Season 2

Monarca season 1 ends with a rock hook and heralds the coming season. News of Monarca 2 has yet to be confirmed, but fans can look forward to some good news. Fans are eager to see more family dramas that could be their first season. Expectations for this show are high and for good reason. Season 1 Monarca sets the highest standards. In addition to the usual family drama, there was intimidation, dirty deeds, competition, and various intrigues. Fans are eagerly awaiting a second season with multiple responses.