Mighty Express

Overview Of “Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas”

An American-Canadian CGI animated series “Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas” is for kids. It had been established by Kate Chapman and Spin Master Entertainment. Generated by Spin Master Entertainment in cooperation with Netflix. Atomic Cartoons had soon the animation.

Release Date

Mighty Express will premiere in the US on September 22, 2020. The Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas publication is out on December 5, 2020.

The plot of “Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas”

The series takes place in Trucksville, a city where there are never adults, children run stations and other places, and also embark on epic adventures on the Mighty Express train (talk and be smart).
All trains have roles and responsibilities in Tracksville, and they also have their own gear and trucks to help you on your adventure. So their home always provides a better place for trains and people to live.

Cast “Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas”

• Freight Nate (voiced by Dylan Schombing) – Freight Nate is a powerful and fast train. Its task is to transport heavy loads. He is strong, fast, kind, and heroic. Nate is equipped with a hydraulic gripper at the end of the cable. It also has a set of anti-roll bars to maintain stability when the vehicle is loaded. Nate is colored red, gray, and yellow with a black frame and bright blue eyes.

• Mechanic Milo (voiced by Leo Orgil). The mechanic Milo’s main job is to keep the track in top condition, but he’ll be happy to solve the puzzles he throws up along the way. They are curious, reliable, and highly detailed. Milo has a hydraulic lever in the back and a wrench-shaped claw at the end. It can also shoot in the tracks of the front support beams. There are robotic hangers on the side of the cab, and nails are driven into the installed or welded rails. Milo wears silver goggles above the cockpit and is painted blue, white, and dark orange. His eyes are green.

• Build it Brock (voiced by Tyler Nathan)
• Farmer Faye (voiced by Michela Luci)
• Rescue Red (voiced by Evan Lefeuvre)
• Flicker (voiced by Ian Ho)