Bridgerton Season 2

After watching an overly short first season of Shonda Rhimes’ new County-era Bridgerton romance series, the only thing on their mind is, aside from steamy sex scenes and shocking (no spoilers!) Last-minute revelations are: When will we get to it. more ??? When are we going to find out what’s next with Daphne and Simon’s relationship? Benedict’s artistic career? Poor Marina Thompson love life? Lady Whistledown’s plans? Everything will definitely be revealed in Season 2 when that happens. This is what we know about him.

Has Bridgerton been updated for a second season?

It really exists! Lady Whistledown herself announced big news and was annoyed that Lord Anthony Bridgerton, the brother of last season’s protagonist Daphne Bridgeton, would “dominate the social season”, undoubtedly causing his bad personality to a woman unlucky enough to fit into his field of vision.

When is Bridgerton Season 2 Coming Out?

Since the filming schedule is still being made difficult by the pandemic, we likely won’t see another season until December 2021 at the earliest. Lady Whistledown’s announcement did not provide details on when we can expect the premiere but did mention that production will begin in the spring of 2021.

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About Bridgerton:

Now that we know exactly who Lady Whistledown is, it adds more intrigue to the process – and to question the implementation of revelation. How should we read their behavior from now on? Will more people understand? How do you react? Will Queen Charlotte finally reveal the secret scribe?

We also know, thanks to a flash of lightning, that Daphne and Simon will definitely have children, but whether the show starts from then on remains to be seen. They may need to go through a few more rounds of reconciliation before they can become a very happy family. And it’s impossible to say what madness Marina Thompson and her dead fiancé’s brother, now her new fiancé, will be going through for a while.


Everyone from the previous season (except the victims) will most likely return. These include Phoebe Dinevor as Daphne Hastings (née Bridgerton), Reggae-Jean Page as Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings, Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton, Ruth Gemel as Violet Bridgeton, Golda Nicolane Pechalloth as King Rochelloth as King, Walker as Portia Featherington. Julie Andrews will likely return to Lady Whistledown’s voice, even though we know Whistledown’s voice is very different.