sabrina part 4


Sadly, Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will end later this year after Part 4 (technically later in Season 2), but there’s no reason to lose yourself. In the end, you’ll miss out on plot changes and revelations on lightning-fast shows like Sabrina. If you look up from the screen, even for a moment, you might miss out on something important, like a kiss or betrayal, or, as you know, Eldrich’s phone to force Sabrina’s hometown to be removed from the map.

The Riverdale Brothers Show may not have officially parted ways with Archie and the band due to some network issues (Sabrina is the show on Netflix and Riverdale is on the CW), but the talented teen’s melodramatic spirit lives on in Greendale. While Archie and Jughead confront gangs, corrupt politicians and the city’s dark secrets, Sabrina and her friends, also known as the Fear Club, plunge into a strange and wild wizarding world, literally traveling between Earth and Hell, solving problems. Greendale population. And they do it by going to high school and doing normal teenage things like trying out cheerleaders.

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In all three parts of Sabrina, the face of the teenage witch saw (and finally defeated) some of the most powerful cosmic forces. Traveling to Greendale with the Old Gods or Dread Horror, the team must find a way to prevent them from destroying everything. There is only one catch. Nobody knows exactly how to kill a god. However, there is something we do know about the highly anticipated Sabrina Part 4. Let’s summarize what we have gathered.

What is the release date?

All eight episodes of the show will air on Netflix on December 31.

In Part 4 the whole cast will be duplicating their parts

• Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman
• Miranda Otto as Aunt Zelda
• Lucy Davis as Aunt Hilda
• Chance Perdomo as Ambrose
• Jaz Sinclair as Roz
• Lachlan Watson as Theo
• Ross Lynch as Harvey
• Richard Coyle as Faustus Blackwood
• Tati Gabrielle as Prudence
• Michelle Gomez as Lady Satan/Lilith/Ms. Wardwell
• Luke Cook as Lucifer Morningstar
• Gavin Leatherwood as Nick Scratch
• Jonathan Whitesell as Robin Goodfellow
• Sam Corlett as Caliban