Lupin Season 2

Lupin is a Netflix series with Omar Sy. Lupin is already one of Netflix’s biggest hits of the year. After the show debuted on January 8, the show quickly shot to the top of the top 10 list in the US for streaming services, a first for a French show. With her clever premise of updating Arsene Lupin’s Maurice LeBlanc character for modern times and her first lively season consisting of five episodes each focused on complex bullshit, she makes for the perfect weekend party.

At a time when many shows are suffering from too many episodes, Lupin has whet the appetite for more. But when exactly will Assane Diop return to Sy? What complex plans has he planned for the future? Are there more diamond strikes on the horizon? Inspired by Diop’s intelligence skills, we looked around online and found answers to these questions.

Will there be season 2 of Lupin?

Yes. When you hit the scale to complete the fifth episode of Lupine, a title will appear on the screen that says “It’s Official: Season 2 Coming Soon”. In fact, the second part was already written and filmed together with the first part. This is good news for anyone worried that the pandemic will increase production.

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When is Lupin Season 2 Coming Out?

On January 28, Netflix officially confirmed that Season 2 of Lupin will debut in the summer of 2021, with five more episodes staged by directors Louis Bernard (The Ascent) and Hugo Gelin (Love at Second Sight).

Is there a trailer for Lupin Season 2?

No, I haven’t. But after the premiere, Netflix released a behind the scenes video that might interest Lupin fans.

Casts For Season 2;

Since Season 2 was filmed at the same time as Season 1, it can be assumed that most of the main cast will return to finish the story. Apparently Sy is the star and will return, but hopes to see his ex-wife Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) and son Raoul (Etan Simon) just getting into Lupin’s book – and even a fan’s Top Hero Hat holding a meeting – because the first part is over.
Expect the detective Soufiane Guerrab, Yousef to play a bigger role in Part Two, as Part 1 ends with him finally making contact with Diop and eventually blowing up the roof. Likewise, Hubert Pellegrini (Herve Pierre) is likely to be featured more if Lupin works to get revenge on his father.