Outer Banks season 2

Outer banks were one of the best temptations of the pandemic on television when it premiered on Netflix last April, even as we longed for the days of rest in true paradise on the island of North Carolina. And soon, the Gen Z chase mystery series – a mix of The Goonies, The OC, Dawson’s Creek, and National Treasure – is back on Netflix. Prepare Your Board Shorts and Bikinis: Here’s everything we know about Foreign Banks season two.

Outer Banks season 2 release date:

There is no release date yet, but with filming completed it will likely be somewhere in 2021.

About Outer Banks:

At Outer Banks, the youth at this holiday destination are the pogue of the working class or the rich, two groups with competition and class struggle going on. John B and his friends from Pogue find clues to the wreck of the long-lost Royal Merchant, which is believed to contain a $ 400 million pot of gold. John B’s father disappeared in search of the treasure, but he decided to look for his father’s gold. John B is also associated with Cook Sarah, who started a Romeo and Juliet-style romance.

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Who will be joining the cast for Outer Banks season two?

In Season 2, Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) joins the cast as the Charleston woman Limbrey, but who she really is for the other characters has yet to be announced. “He’s a bad guy, but he comes across in a way that makes you completely sympathetic,” Klein Entertainment Tonight said of his new actor character.

What happens at the end of the first season of Outer banks?

Spoiler alert! John B – who, by the way, was always known by his first and last name, making “John B” a drinking game for foreign banks – was accused of murder after Sarah’s father stole the treasure and loaded it on a plane for the Bahamas. John B and Sarah escape from a ship that was stolen in a violent storm and become refugees. Their boat capsized and everyone thought they were dead – except that they were literally being pulled out of the water by another boat that was undoubtedly headed for the Bahamas.

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Will there be more seasons for outer banks?

Maybe! No official information has been announced, but the makers have plans. Before we commenced, we’ve constantly seen it as something that might be a four season show, or maybe five seasons, but certainly four seasons, Jonas Pate told EW. We just realized it then. I just hope we have a chance to tell these stories.