Cassian Andor

Disney+ is examining outstanding franchises such as DC, Star Wars, and Marvel. They are coming with a new Star Wars Spy Series in affiliation with Lucasfilm. Therefore, Disney substantiates that they will be carrying back various outstanding characters of Rogue one in this new show.

Everything is here that you need to know about “Cassian Andor”!!

Details about the new show

The announcement of a new Star Wars Spy Series was out back in 2018. Till then, the program did not have a title, but it had writers like Tony Gilroy and Stephen Schiff. The director as well as the showrunner of the show is going to be Tony Gilroy. The creator of the House of Cards and Dan Gilroy, who is Tony’s Brother “Beau Willimon” is also joining the writing staff.

Release Date

Till now, no news for the Release date is announced. The filming and production were about to start in London, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The special effects artist for Star Wars Neal Scanlon said that the crew could only work for 4 to 5 weeks into the Cassian Andor project and had to shut down after that. Therefore, without any authorization assumptions suggest that the show will be on screen by 2021.

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The storyline of “Cassian Andor”

The plot of the show is not much out. But according to credible sources, it says that Cassian Andor will pursue incidents before Rogue One. Five years back it will go and follow a Ragtag crew. This committee is on a goal to snatch the Death Star schemes. And, all of this directed them to the beginning of a new wish. This provides a bunch of time for Cassian For moving on a solo adventure. After which he gets assassinated by the end of Rogue One. Disney also interprets the Cassian Andor Series as a Spy Thriller, trading with numerous adventures and goals relating to espionage.
Also, there is an enormous chance that this new show is going to correlate the Mandalorian


No trailer for the “Cassian Andor” series has been released so far. But you can anticipate the show to premiere in a month as soon as it is.

Major Cast and Characters

• Diego Luna as Cassian
• Alan Tudyk as Loyal Side Kick to Cassian
• Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma
• Denise Gough
• Kyle Soller
• Stellar Skarsgard

Accordingly, Star Wars is a loveable franchise and a new show which is going to be equally interesting. Examining the characters of Cassian Andor and the adventure pursuing it will be a thrilling experience for all fans.