DanMachi Season 3

In this post, we’ll talk about the release date of the last episode of Season 3 of DanMachi and more. DanMachi is also a very popular animation. During the first two seasons, hits, films, and spin-offs were released. The English name of DanMachi is – “How to pick up girls in a dungeon” The tale of “DanMachi” focuses on the Bell and Hestia family, to which he belongs. The Hestia family was now a fairly large and strong family. Bell is known as a small rookie who beats strong opponents.

In DanMachi this season, we see a new smart monster named Xenos. In the first episode, Bell introduces an app called Wine. This season tells the story of the Jewish family of Hestia, those who live in the dungeon, and those who live outside it. DanMachi was originally a light novel, in which there were already 16 volumes. So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into DanMachi’s Episode 5 release date for Season 3.

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Story Till Now

In the final episode, we saw Bell and the others learn more about Xenos. It turns out that Uranus, the god who controls the guild, knows about his existence. Take care of this special mental monster with your guild.
All Xenos expect some people to really like Bell and hope. Someday they will be able to live on the surface and see the sunset and the night sky. Soon after, Bell, unfortunately, had to fall asleep again and leave Vina. Because he would be safer than people like himself, which made her very upset and cry.
A few days later, we saw that Vien had moved to a new location to protect Xenos. Unfortunately, they are ambushed by terrible slaves, one of them dies, and the episode ends.

Episode 5 of Season 3

Release Date

DanMachi Season 3 Episode 5 will air on Friday, October 30, 2020, at 09:30 PDT. The timings of Release Date would differ for different locations.

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Will there be a delay in the Release Date?

There is no delay for the current date and time of the broadcast.

Where To Watch This Show?

You can watch the latest episodes of DanMachi Season 3 coming out on Crunchyroll. If you own Hulu, you can also watch the first two seasons of the animation there.