Fixer to Fabulous Season 2

There is good news for all the fans of “Fixer To Fabulous” as the series is coming back with its second season. The series attracts more than 17.9 million viewers in the first season Dave and Jenny Marrs will return for a Season 2.

A total of 13 new episodes has been ordered for the second season. In this second season, the Home renovators Dave and Jenny Marrs bring more worn-out houses back. In the series, Jenny acts as the creative influence behind their personalized renovations. She works in designing spaces that are warm and welcoming the families. Whereas Dave undertakes the construction with confidence, attributing his passion for modernizing old homes.

About the Show

In the show “Fixer to Fabulous” Dave and Jenny Marrs emphasize restoring memorable homes in their neighbourhood of Bentonville, Arkansas. From ragged front verandas to squirrel invaded lofts. There is nothing that this husband and wife team cannot make wonderful. Dave and Jenny Marrs doll up a dated lakehouse in the premiere episode for a deserving family, altering it into a modern Nantucket style waterfront escape.
The renovation calls for various traditional projects. Which includes a refreshed boathouse, one excavated inlay in the hallway, and a soda shoppe motivated teenage hideaway. As the season continues, Dave and Jenny’s astonishing renovations spotlight custom elements that they design. And Curated for each project, such as a secret bookshelf doorway to a laundry room. And also a reclaimed console with an invisible pop-up TV panel and dining table.

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Release Date

The Second Season of “Fixer to Fabulous” is set to be released on 27th October 2020. A total of ten episodes will be broadcasted.

About Second Season

The second season will begin to spotlight Dave and Jenny’s team. As they repair historic homes in Northwest Arkansas. In which they together raising five young children and governing their family farm.

Major Casts

• Jenny Marrs
• Dave Marrs

Where can we watch the show?

The First Seasons each episode is available to watch on HGTV GO. Whereas you can also watch each episode of season 2 as well on HGTV GO the same day as the TV episode premieres Tuesday beginning October 27.

Therefore, the last season was a blast and from a design forthcoming, this season is going to be even more entertainment.