Kanojo Mo Kanojo

Kanojo Mo Kanojo: Sanshimai to no Dokidoki Kyōdō Seikatsu (is a Japanese erotic visual novel developed by Crossnet and published for Windows computers on May 30, 2008) Tuan Kanojo Mo Kanojo was later made for the PlayStation Portable and released as a DVD TV game. An ongoing visual novel titled Kanojo Mo Kanojo Dokidoki Full Throttle! Released on February 27, 2009, as a computer game for Windows and later as a PSP game and DVD-TV game. The story follows Shiki Haruomi, who lives with three beautiful sisters after a volcanic eruption on the island.
Kanojo Mo Kanojo premiered on Getchu.com as the sixth best-selling visual novel in the month and the year it was released. The gameplay in Kanojo Mo Kanojo follows a branched plot, which offers predefined scenarios with a process of interaction and focuses on the attraction of the three main characters of the player character. An original three-episode hentai video animated series (OVA) was produced. Other media such as art books and various articles were also published.

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Plot and characters:

The main character is Shiki Haruomi (志 木 春 臣, Haruomi Shiki, voiced by Tanaka Momotarō), a handsome boy who is very strong due to his fishing experience on the island. He is generally calm and collected. Shiki moved into his relative’s house after a volcano erupted on his home island, and the relative’s house has three beautiful sisters who are his childhood, one of whom is Aquina Orifushi (織 節 秋 奈, Orifushi Aquina). voiced by Miyabi Arisugawa). Aquina is the second oldest of the siblings and of Shiki’s three dearests. He was popular in school as a perfectionist and accomplished student. Even though Aquina is usually kind and kind, she has a jealous side. Although Aquina is not the best, she is distinguished by studying, exercising, and doing housework.
The oldest sister is Natsumi Orifushi (if 節 夏 実, Orifushi Natsumi, voiced by Cotone Hirokawa) , who was the manager of Min-Min Ice Creamery after the sister’s parents died. Natsumi found it difficult to hold back the alcohol and could only be drunk by the scent. He is gentle, insecure, and speaks politely, but when he drinks he becomes aggressive. Natsumi’s hobbies include fortune-telling. He likes to tell the fate of others as well as his own fate.

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Kanojo Mo Kanojo is the eighth optical novel formulated by Crossnet after Crossnet’s previous optical novel Ayakashi, which generated a TV anime and manga procession. The Kanojo Mo Kanojo character was designed by Gene Hapubi who is known for his character designs in the Boin series. Neko Kosume and Izumi Banya are visual novel screenwriter, while the music is provided by a Japanese music production company called Angel Note.