Shimoneta is a similar Japanese anime series. This amine can attract a large audience. This Series is known for romantic and comedy stories with multiple storylines. The story revolves around a boring place under the rule of the coins. Dirty jokes are not allowed in Moneta. Written by Akata Takahiro and Shimoto Suzuki. It was based on Anti-Comedy, a comedy series for the school genre. You have completed the first season with More than 12 episodes. The first season appeared in 2015. Recently, the fever of the second season came back.

Official Announcement

So far there has been no official announcement of the series continuation and Season 2 development. Season 1 of the anime consists of a total of eight light novel volumes. Shokagugan has published eleven volumes under his mark since July 2012.

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date

Shimoneta Season 2 has no official explanation of the arrangements for the second part. However, there is very little about creating work in progress. Incidentally, this rumor is valid. Until then, we hope to see a second season within the year. History shows the future actions of the Japanese government to bypass and eliminate unethical behavior. The reasons for season two matter more than the details for season one. More and more viewers have to look at multiple storylines and characters to choose a complete story. That is why the manufacturer will bring the upcoming season to the screen very soon.

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Shimoneta Casts

• Tanukichi Okuma
• Ayame Kajou
• Anna Nishikinomiya
• Otome Saotome
• Kosuri Onigashira
• Hyouka Fuwa
• Raiki Gouriki
• Matsukage Nishikinomiya
• Sophia Nishikinomiya
• Oboro Tsukimigusa
• Keisuke Onigashira
• Takuma Ichinose
• Base Black
• Binkan
• Nadeshiko Kajou
• Ranko Okuma
• Annie Brown
• Yutori Nuregoromo

Anticipated “Shimoneta” Plot For Season 2

The film series develops in a dystopian alternative to the Japanese world. People have to follow strict rules. The language is strictly stored. Everyone has to choose their words very carefully. Any taunts or curses are prohibited in Japanese dystopia. The government imposes severe penalties for every citizen who does not comply. The main character Tanukichi wants to change this unusual rule. Tanukichi was determined to fight the government. So he has to do it very carefully and develop a strategy. Will it work? All questions will be answered in Season 2.

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Shimoneta Trailer

Shimoneta is available on Netflix so those who wish to see it can see it there.