Netflix is doubling the number of deals with talented and award-winning directors and doing its most recent with Gareth Evans (Apostles, London Gangs). The first project was havoc to come out from this deal, which is a crime drama starring Tom Hardy.

Gareth Evans is well known for Indonesian martial arts films such as The Raid, The Raid 2 and Merantau, in which he brought Indonesian martial arts pencak silat to world cinemas. Evans is also known for creating and directing the critically acclaimed London Sky Gang Atlantic series, starring Joe Cole (Schwarzer Spiegel, Peaky Blinders) and Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones).


According to Deadline, the entire Netflix deal with Evans has been going on for some time, and both parties want to make sure Tom Hardy is locked up before they reveal anything. Netflix loved Evans’ style and struck a deal after working on the 2018 horror thriller Apostle, starring Dan Stevens, Michael Sheen, and Lucy Boynton.
The producers behind the Netflix crash were Gareth Evans for One More One Productions (Apostel), Ed Talfan for Severn Screen (Apostel, The Pembrokeshire Murders) and Aram Tertsakian for XYZ Films (Mandy, The Silencing). Lead actor Tom Hardy will also be a producer.

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The Official Announcement:

The story takes place after a drug deal where a wounded detective must fight the criminal underworld to save an estranged politician’s son as he uncovers the deep web of corruption and conspiracy that envelops his entire city.
While the film’s premise is not groundbreaking, it is lacking source material and can feel refreshing for Netflix viewers who may be overwhelmed by recent franchise efforts, customizations, sequels, backstory, and reboots.

Cast Of Havoc:

In February 2021, only Tom Hardy will be announced as Havoc on Netflix. Hardy will play the lead role, most likely the “injured detective” mentioned above. Hardy is well known for his roles in various films and TV series, which includes
• The Dark Knight Rises
• Mad Max: Fury Road
• Venom
• Capone
• Inception
• Peaky Blinders and others.

Production Status Of Havoc:

The Netflix Eagle is expected to go into production in late June 2021, according to the 1235 Production Weekly issue. Filming took place mainly in Wales, England.

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Release Date Of Havoc:

With production starting in June 2021, we can rule out the possibility of doom at the Netflix launch in 2021, but somewhere in 2022.