The Detective Is Already Dead

The official website for Nigzhou and Umibuzu’s bright novel series “The Detective is Now Dead” announced on Wednesday that the series is receiving a TV anime adaptation. A new main visual section was also revealed, including the cast and staff for the upcoming series. The delivery date is still unknown at the time of writing. The anime is animated by Studio ENGI, with Manabu Kurihara directing the series. The script for the series was written by Deko Akao and the characters were designed by Yousuke Itou.

The cast includes:

• Shin Nagai as Kimihiko Kimizuka
• Saki Miyashita as Siesta
• Ayana Taketatsu as Nagisa Natsunagi
• Kanon Takao as Yui Saikawa
• Saho Shirasu as Charlotte Arisaka Anderson
• Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Koumori
• Takehito Koyasu as Chameleon


The series is based on the Japanese light novel series written by Nigoju and illustrated by Umibuzu. Publication began in November 2019 under the footsteps of Bunko J. Kadokawa. As of November 2020, it has been compiled into four new volumes.
The novel was also turned into a manga series by Mugiko, which began serialization in Monthly Comic Alive magazine in May 2020. The first Tankobon volume was released by Kadokawa in November 2020.

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On Kimihiko Kimizuka, the novel focuses who is a third-year student and former assistant detective named Siesta. He found out about Siesta three years ago, 10,000 meters above the ground in a hijacked plane. The two embark on a challenging adventure after three challenging years, which ultimately ends with Siesta’s premature death. Kimihiko is doing his best to reintegrate into normal life.


Kimizuka Kimihiko is a crisis magnet. From discovering crime scenes to accidentally testifying about drug transactions, trouble seems to be around every corner. So it’s no surprise that his rather mundane flight suddenly goes into a pinch and a detective is badly needed on the plane. Unfortunately, his efforts to avoid trouble are thwarted by a beautiful silver-haired girl, who is given the code name Siesta. He declared himself a detective and hired Kimizuka as his assistant. This incident marked the beginning of a worldwide adventure that went beyond his wildest imagination. By risking their lives, the two criminal organizations fell, preventing a catastrophe and saving thousands of people. But three years later, the curtain closes on his epic journey with Siesta’s untimely death. Kimizuka decided to lead a normal high school life this time and spend a year staying behind. As fate would have it, a girl with an unusual resemblance to a nap rushes into her life and threatens to mess up her quiet days.